Data Governance Council

George Mason University



George Mason Universityís data is an asset owned by the institution for the purpose of fulfilling its mission. As such, institutional data is used for decision making to improve the outcomes in advancing the teaching, research and public service activities of the institution. Masonís executive leadership recognizes the need for easy access to data in a safe and secured manner in order for individuals and offices to conduct their day-to-day and strategic needs.


Masonís Data Governance Council is responsible for establishing data governance policies, procedures, standards and guidelines for achieving maximum value of institutional data. Data governance is the people, processes and technology needed to achieve data quality, access and appropriate use (security) across the entire institution. Institutional Data refers to data elements relevant to the planning, operations or management of any unit at Mason that is reported to the Board of Visitors, federal, and state organizations; generally required for use by more than one organizational unit; or included in academic or official administrative reporting.

Data Governance Goals


Data Governance Responsibilities